Beautiful thing I saw today: A homeless man seeking cover under a bus stop awning. He held a battered cardboard sign that read, "Broke, Hungry." When I came past again, he had given up his warm, dry seat to a family of four, and was animatedly chatting with them from underneath a giant umbrella. Something… Continue reading Gems


I am going to give all of the things in my head the day off today, I'll have to see how that actually works out. So far, everything is brilliant, but it's only 9a. Strawberries, sprouted toast, and guayusa tea for breakfast. You know, hot tea, tea time, replacing just about all drinks other than… Continue reading Reprieve


Cooking makes me want to drink. So badly. Grab a glass of wine, start dinner. I’m commended often on my cuisine and looovvveeee the entire process from start to finish. When I first stopped drinking, this sucked. I didn’t want to cook. All of my food tasted horrible as well. In the past month however,… Continue reading Cooking.